I began my career as a scientist and an engineer, including time at a nuclear power station and in a large-scale General Electric manufacturing and production facility.


After getting a master's degree, I spent several years as an energy trader investing around congestion and dynamic power flows in deregulated wholesale electricity markets.


For a year before returning to graduate school, I enjoyed serving communities in need with environmental education programs driven largely by student-generated ideas.


Since returning to school in 2012, I relish researching some of the fundamental management science principles driving the organizational behavior I observed throughout my career.

Strong Password Security

As a public service message, I simply encourage you to avoid using short, easy to remember, duplicate, or otherwise weak passwords for your online accounts. If you would like a free tool to generate strong passwords for you, there are many on the internet, but here is a link to one that has very strong default settings, including an element of random length and a large character set from which to draw. The web application generates passwords on your computer, so the string of characters is never transmitted between your device and the web server as it is in some other online password generators, and the short and clear source code is made explicitly available.

Fair goes the dancing when the Sitar is tuned.

Tune us the Sitar neither high nor low,
And we will dance away the hearts of men.

But the string overstretched breaks, and the music flies.

The string overslack is dumb, and the music dies.

There is a middle way.

Tune us the Sitar neither high nor low,
And we will dance away the hearts of men.

Sir Edwin Arnold (1879). Book the Sixth in The Light of Asia.

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